Gallery of Knives

Below you'll find a collection of photos highlighting knives I've made in the past. Any of the materials, designs, and combinations of such that you see pictured can be incorporated into your custom knife. If you need inspiration for your custom order, here's a good place to start.

Whitetail Skinner - Blaze Orange G10, Dymondwood, Maple

Zombie Tanto - Green Shokwood

Bane Sword - Canvas Micarta

Grunt (Customized) - Paracord

Falcon - Curly Maple and Ironwood

Woodsman - Bocote

Woodsman - unique wood stacked handle

Wilderness 5 - carbon fiber and G10

Wilderness 5 - Ironwood, Sugi Pine, G10

Wilderness 5 - unique wood stacked handle

Whitetail Skinner - Blaze Orange G10

Jackstraw - Thunderstorm Kevlar and G10

Viking - G10 and Micarta

Tracker - Flannelcarta handle

Shepherd - unique wood stack handle

Shadow - Thunderstorm Kevler and Linen Micarta

Ranger - Twill Carbon Fiber and G10

Ranger - My personal knife with Horse Stall Rubber handle

Prestige Tanto - Walnut and Canarywood

Trailing Point Skinner - Koa handle

Karambowie - Blue Shokwood

Frontier Fighter - Mule Deer antler and brass

Covert Commander - Multicam G10

Marine Tanto - Standard configuration, photo taken overseas

Marine Tanto - Camo G10

Kilo Elite - Blackwood and Koa

Kilo - unique stack of composite materials

Kilo Elite - Curly Maple and Walnut

Grunt - Flannelcarta handle

Grunt - unique wood stack handle

Grunt - unique wood stack handle

Grunt - Linen micarta

Gentleman Hunter - stabilized burl and stainless steel

Falcons - Cherry Burl and Redwood Burl

Falcon - Tan G10 and Natural Canvas Micarta

Falcon - Black Palm and Canarywood

Falcon - Chestnut Dymondwood handle with etched carbon steel bolster

Eagle - Micarta handle with Titanium Bolster

Blackthorn Dagger - Micarta handle with Titanium bolster

Fairbairn Sykes Replica - bone, brass, blackwood, and leather handle

Cleaver - Carbon fiber and G10 handle

Camp Knife - Flannelcarta handle

Admiral Bowie - carbon fiber handle with stainlessl bolster

Classic Bowie - Brass guard with Oak handle and Blackwood spacer

Atlantic - Dyed Spalted Maple handle

Call of Duty - Black Micarta handle

Falcon, Chief, and Alaskan

Falcon - Bubinga Handle with Stainless Bolster

Eagle - Box Elder Burl with Black Micarta Bolsters

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